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IP Telephony embedded with ISSABEL




Our iPBX solution that comes to replace the conventional PBX or for your small and medium business that has no solution at all. Our iPBX is simple  and quick to set up.

Our iPBX solution brings to your business whether small, medium or large all the ease that the latest Conventional PBX would bring to large businesses with even more mobility features available.

All maintenance and support is the responsibility of Drix Telecom.

Another important factor is that our iPBX solution can integrate with one or more branches with video conferencing support (Video Phone) making it easy and cost-effective for businesses at zero cost, even allowing them to combine different advanced functions to create a tailored solution for your business.


  • Integration of the conventional telephone network with the IP network,
  • Supports up to 08 E1 links with echo cancellation per interface,
  • Integration with mobile interface,
  • Integration of one or more remote points with zero cost of calls,
  • Integration with conventional local PBX via E1 interface or FXO gateway,
  • Integration with conventional remote PBX via FXS gateway,
  • Analog extension integration via internal FXS interface up to 48 extensions.
  • Local or remote connection of terminals (gateways, ATAs, IP phones, Softphone),
  • Access to IP telephony providers,
  • Audio conferencing,
  • Password protection,
  • Voice Mail, automatic message sending to electronic mailbox,
  • Visual message notification available in voicemail to IP phones,
  • Digital recording of leads,
  • Audible Response Unit (IVR),
  • Automatic Call Distributor (DAC),
  • Transfer of incoming calls,
  • Features of a call,
  • Music on hold (MP3 format),
  • Music on transfer (MP3 format),
  • Volume control,
  • Play in linear or random mode,
  • Call in wait,
  • Caller ID,
  • Call blocking,
  • Call forwarding if busy,
  • Call forwarding if you do not answer within “X” seconds,
  • Lead transfer,
  • Lead capture,
  • Do not disturb function.
  • DDD, DDI, Password Control (PIN) Call Block,
  • Ticketing or call reporting,
  • Video handset (video streaming),
  • Call queuing,
  • Operator / Supervisor Control Panel via WEB​