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ACSIA Platform - Cyber Defense

ACSIA is a security solution enabling teams charged with the management of business critical servers to maintain optimal technical and security controls over server infrastructure.

Using a combined approach based on log analysis, AI and machine learning, ACSIA does the grunt work of security analysis – monitoring, analysing, profiling and mitigating cybersecurity incidents.

From detecting scans that may indicate an emerging attack, through to full blown attempts at malware injection, the system automates the maintenance of a robust security posture while engaging the human factor for higher order leaving decision making.

The system can be configured to make most actions automatic, while at the same time informing security teams as to when to engage directly. An intuitive and easy to understand interface means that a CISO, with one glance at a mobile dashboard.

Using ACSIA is like hiring a 24/7 security engineer. Deployment is simple and straightforward, and the customer benefits from the ACSIA engine running transparently and quietly in the background.

Security Featuring
Machine Learning

 ACSIA –  Interactive Automated Cyber ​​Security Application
Effectively plays the role of a dedicated security engineer

Next Generation Security
Featuring Machine Learning

ACSIA – A technology enabled for proactive information security management