About Us

Our Company

Drix Telecom has a mission to develop market solutions, with the most modern technological integration of software and hardware, that ensure the efficiency and safety required by your company. Drix prides itself in its abilities in recommendation and implementation of methodologies and work processes focused on optimizing resources and reducing operating costs.

The quality of our services and our company's credibility in the market is based on the combination of our excellent human capital, and our vast experience in the field of technology. Our proven processes, and our operational infrastructure, are focused specifically to meet our client’s specific demands.

The security of your internal data is of the utmost importance and should be the basis of the commercial development of any modern business. It is impossible to protect your investments in computer systems, and other IT assets, without regard to the protection of internal information.

Unfortunately the Internet Data Centers (IDC’s) used by many companies have deficiencies in system security and general optimization. The problems could range from anything between technological, organizational processes, or even human factors. Our job is identifying deficiencies and ensuring that our clients can achieve the highest level of efficiency and security in the computer systems.


Drix Telecom is a national company, utilizing the most modern approaches, while operating conservatively in the interests of all parties. Drix offers a wide array of services, targeting both private and government markets.

We are dedicated to developing products to help companies with their day-to-day operations, providing cutting edge technology, with the principle focus on cutting costs.