Contact Center Solution

The Contact Center is the customers’ first entry point and it plays a powerful role in making or breaking enterprise-to-customer relationships. Customer loyalty and a company’s brand image are directly related to the way the contact center serves its customers. Callex creates Contact Center Software with complete functionality for inbound, outbound and blended campaigns. The all-inclusive solutions for contact centers are ideal for different business processes such as customer support, telemarketing and sales, collections, technical support, marketing research and helpdesk. Callex is a full featured contact center software for inbound, outbound and blended campaigns. Based on a flexible technology platform, the innovative software perfectly caters to different Contact Centers irrespective of their size, nature of business processes or underlying technology. The all-in-one solution offers best-of-the-breed capabilities such as ACD, IVR, IP-PBX, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger, Quality Monitoring, Reporting, CRM and CTI. The solution is designed with a view to offer need-based business packages for contact centers of all sizes. For large contact centers of over thousand of seats,Callex (EXPERT) offers holistic contact management. For international Contact Centers, the all-inclusive Callex (PROFESSIONAL) delivers superior customer interactions with multi-channel and multimodal contact, call blending and maintain business productivity and efficiency. For small contact centers or start ups, Callex (STANDARD) offers a structured growth path with complete extensibility at unbeatable price performance. For voice only call centers with 15-20 seats, Callex offers the required capabilities at highly competitive prices.

Key Benefits

Maximize outbound calls

With our predictive dialer capability, you can achieve the highest possible outbound call rates and enable your agent workforce to attend to every customer with the highest regard for service quality. With a revolutionary calling algorithm you can improve your calling rates without dedicating any resources. Our dialer learns to pace calls as per the agents availability, customer responsiveness, and average interaction times, allowing you to configure the maximum number of dropped and abandoned calls. Answering machine detection (AMD) detection, SIT detection and busy signal recognition do away with extra time spent making unproductive calls, redialing numbers, and waiting for response.

Ensure best customer service

With the help of our inbound solution (ACD and IVR), you can attend to all your customers swiftly while ensuring highest satisfaction with your service quality. Our ACD intelligently routes the inbound calls according to agent availability, average talk time, etc. The customers are informed of estimated wait times, and can hear informative messages on services or products or just music. The IVR module allows them to achieve best self as well as assisted service from agents. With skill-based routing, you can make sure that only your ablest agents (in terms of language proficiency, technological know-how, domain knowledge) attend to your high priority customers. With real time scripting support, supervisors can update and customize the scripting information for agents. For more information, please refer to ACD and IVR sections.

Manage voice records with ease

With 100% blind recording, you can record interaction completely on the agent, as well as the customer's side. Optimal compression techniques and multiple format support (MP3, WAV, VOX,GSM) ensure that your voice records are smaller in size, and easier to maintain. You can also use multimedia operations, such as rewind, forward, or pause, to search through records effortlessly. Additionally, you can avail automatic archiving facility for your old records.

Manage reporting with ease

Callex empowers you to create comprehensive reports for agent productivity, process efficiency, organizational performance and metric tracking. Reports can be generated using real-time, latest data locally, or via web-interface for remote access. Supervisors, managers and analysts can constantly track data and improve on processes to achieve best overall performance.

Manage relationships with CRM capabilities

Callex’s user-friendly CRM is ideal for quick data access and data input. With Callex CRM, your agents can access customer or lead information serve them faster without compromising on service quality. Designed for easy lead management, tracking and status updates, the CRM builder allows you to create your customized interface. GUI-based IVR Designer allows you to create complete call flows for a great customer experience. You can also manage your reports and voice records, and view live activity, access statistical data and access reports online easily with a wide range of functions at your disposal.