IP and TDM Boards

Digital Boards

Get one, two, four, eight, or sixteen ports of
optimized voice and data over T1/E1/J1 with
available telco-grade hardware echo cancellation.
Sangoma’s unmatched voice optimized hardware is powering
leading PBX, IVR and call center applications worldwide. Its
quality, reliability and support is well known in the developer
community. Sangoma raised the bar in TDM voice communications with on-board, telco-grade, hardware echo canceller DSPs
available on all voice cards and the most optimized, scalable,
cross-platform device drivers available.
Part of Sangoma’s award-winning Advanced Flexible Telecommunications hardware product line, each card uses the same
high-performance PCI or PCI Express interface that is delivering
superior functionality in many critical systems.
Take advantage of hardware and software improvements, as
soon as they become available. All cards in the AFT family are
field upgradeable with crash-proof firmware.
Choose the AFT Series to achieve carrier-grade echo cancellation
and voice quality enhancement functions for your phone systems.


The Sangoma Series of Analog Voice Cards deliver superior audio quality in a compact 2U card that expands from two to twenty-four ports using a single interface slot.
For optimum echo-cancelled voice quality and enhancement choose the A100 Models with DSP daughterboard Hardware Echo Canceller. One DSP echo canceller on the A200/A400 will support Telco-grade hardware echo cancellation on all channels up to the card's maximum configuration in 24 ports with no additional CPU load.

The A100 system architecture ensures common 3.3 V or 5 V, high performance, universal PCI or PCI Express compatibility, and crash-proof field upgradable firmware to take advantage of enhancements, as soon they become available.
Sangoma cards guarantee error-free faxing and click-free audio on analog-digital links.

IP and TDM Boards - Digital Boards

IP and TDM Boards - Analog Boards