Buffalo SMB

The Buffalo system is much more than just a router! Buffalo concentrates all the resources needed to connect your corporate network to the Internet safely, while increasing productivity of all employees and maximizing the use of your Internet connection.

Buffalo can help Your company reduce damages from the misuse of the Internet, save by avoiding unnessecary investment in higher capacity connections, and protect against invasions and internal/external attacks.

Key Features

  • Buffalo serves as a high performance network between your business and the Internet, sharing a single connection among all computers in the company. Support for all major routing protocols on the Internet, including dynamic routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF and BGP-4.
  • Three network devices fast-ethernet for local and/or remote network connections. Supports broadband or optical fiber connections. Supports Multiple connections while automatically activating the secondary link in case of a primary link problem.
  • Two standard v.35 syncronized digital connections. Compatible with Frame Relay, PPP or HDLC protocols.
  • Full configuration via Web or console port. Additional Setup via Telnet for dynamic routing.
  • Remote management via Web to faciliate technical support services.
  • DNS Server (resolver) to meet all queriers from your local network addresses.
  • Stateful Firewall (SPI) to control all network traffic.
  • Sophisticated detection system to monitor and prevent any intrusion attempts while automatically blocking intruder IP addresses.
  • Ability to block traffic by content, allowing for traffic filtering for e-mail and/or websites that contain specific keyboards. The ability to block services such as streaming audio/video or even file transfers via P2P services.
  • Proxy Servers to accelerate access of all users websites and maintain efficient control over which sites can or cannot be accessed.
  • Control navigation by users and/or groups or IP addresses. Supporting the operation as authenticated proxies.


3 Fast Ethernet (10/100mbs) interfaces usable as LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network). Supporting Redundent internet access (cable/ADSL/Fiber Optical) and/or connections between headquarters and subsidiares.

2 V.35 interfaces for remote networks (WAN - Wide Area Network) which can be used to access Internet redundant (RADIO / FIBER) and/or connections between headquarters and subsidiaries.

1 serial interface connector with standard DB-9 console for access.

1 USB 1.1 interface

256MB SDRAM (system memory)
1.0 GB Compact Flash (software and settings)
External 12v Power Supply